Internship Opportunities with AnimaliaAnimalia PBS Kids

Internships with Animalia, while unpaid, offer college/university students broad experience in animal care and handling, education outreach, and animal behavior and well-being.

Interns have the opportunity to develop or further skills in public speaking and interaction while engaging a diverse audience in Animalia’s Education Outreach Programs. Interns will be trained how to handle a variety of animals (reptiles, birds, mammals, invertebrates) for education presentations. As a working and learning internship, Interns are required to learn a diverse array of background information on a variety of animals and their interrelationships in the animal kingdom.

Working with our on-staff Zoologist, Interns will provide basic animal husbandry including feeding, cleaning, enrichment, and record keeping.  Feeding baby squirrelAnimalia internships also include experience in animal training, socialization, exhibit design, wildlife rehabilitation, and basic medical care.

Interns will work with our Certified Behaviorist to learn to recognize the diverse behaviors of animals through modern methods and practices. Interns have the opportunity to learn animal training techniques utilizing operant conditioning (positive reinforcement).

Intern Application Procedures

College/University students and graduates who wish to apply for an internship should include the following in their application packet:

  • Animalia Intern Application (complete and print)Interns & Animalia Car
  • Cover letter that addresses the following:
    • Why you are interested in an internship with Animalia
    • What you would like to gain from an internship
    • Where you heard about the intern program
    • Highlights of your most applicable experience
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Current grade transcript copy

All application materials should be sent together as a packet (please do not send in pieces).

Mail your application packet to:
Animalia, Inc.
7993 N. US 52
Thorntown, IN 46071

Application Deadlines:

Application packets may not be considered if received after the following dates for an internship during that time frame. Typically, applications are considered two months prior to the deadline. Offers may be made to candidates before the deadline. Do not wait until the deadline to send in your materials. The deadline is the last chance cut off date.

  • Summer Session (May-August) – April 6
  • Fall Session (September-December) – August 31
  • Winter/Spring Session (January-April) – December 1

Selection Process:

Upon receipt of the completed Application Packet, candidates will be contacted for interview arrangements. During the interview, information will be gathered pertaining to experience, career interests, education, starting and ending dates, shirt size, and will review an Intern Job Description. Upon selection, candidates will receive an Internship Acceptance Letter from the Executive Director. Interns must contact Animalia to accept or decline the Internship offer. Interns may contact Animalia in regard to housing options.