What We Do?

Consultation Services

Animalia offers professional Consultation Services that are supported by experience, research, and a network of related professionals. If you or your organization are struggling in regard to program development, support, or stagnation, Animalia’s Consultants can assist you. Each consultation is customized to meet your needs. As such, the affordable service fee is dependent on level of involvement and needs required.

Consultation Services are available in the following areas:

  • Animal Behavior/Environmental Enrichment
  • Teacher In-Service Training/Workshops
  • Education Programs
  • Volunteer Services
  • Animal Care Techniques
  • Classroom Curriculum development for the Sciences, Arts (nature based), Social Studies (environmental policy & related social issues)

For more information, please complete the Program Request Form and select Professional Consultation under Program Details.

Solving everyday animal behavior challenges everyday

Animalia’s certified applied animal behaviorist and zoologist have helped  exotic and domesticated pet owners worldwide overcome animal behavioral challenges in dogs, cats, exotic animals, and a host of other pet behavioral problems. Understanding animal behavior is the first step in solving many behavior issues that develop between pets and their caregivers.

Established behavioral problems usually require considerably more intervention than what simple obedience training offers. Effective owner-based solutions are provided in which owners are trained and counseled about their pet’s behavioral problem resolution via behavior therapy & behavioral management techniques.

Our Approach

Animalia’s service to pet owners unfolds in a series of logical steps.

First, contact Animalia’s Behaviorist, Ailigh Vanderbush, at email ailigh@animalia.us and you will be sent the Pet History Form to complete.

Next, a home/site visit to evaluate the animals natural behavior in their comfort zone with a detailed evaluation of the problem will be made. Feedback about the prognosis and treatment procedures needed to solve the problem will be provided.

Training and behavior modification takes place in the owner’s home/facility. You will be instructed in the proper application of behavior modification procedures.

A written report and evaluation will be mailed that includes additional treatment details as well as a reiteration of what was discussed at the home visit/site visit.

Finally, follow-up consultations are provided to ensure the long-term success of the recommended behavioral management techniques.

The affordable consultation fee includes the previously listed services within a 40 mile radius of Thorntown, Indiana. Additional charges apply for mileage over 40 miles and for additional home visits.