Top 3 Best Dog Bike Trailer 2020

Many dog parents love combining walks with pets and cycling. Daily morning workouts allow you both to walk your friend and get a charge of vivacity and energy. However, sometimes it happens that an hour’s walk in the park may not be enough. Often, fans of cycling take long multi-mile bike trips. And of course, they want their favorite pets to share this experience with them. However, even the hardiest friends get tired. Besides, long trips increase the risk of injury and accidents. And every minute, you also worry about the safety of the canine.
Nowadays, some people use the so-called bike trailers to solve this problem. This lightweight construction is securely attached to the bike at the rear and turns into a dog cart. Your friend can make all the way lying and enjoying the views in complete safety. To make it easier for you to choose a good model, we offer you our top 3 best dog bike trailers 2020.
Dog bike trailer

Sepnine 2 in1 Medium Pet Dog Bike Trailer

At the moment, this dog bike trailer is the leader on Amazon sales, and one has to admit that it is really cool. For $131, you get almost two dog vehicles in one. A lightweight and convenient trailer turns into a jogger, and vice versa – you just need to change the position of the handle.

So, of the advantages of the trailer, users note lightness and portability. The device weighs about 29 pounds and folds easily, taking up a minimum of storage space or space in the car trunk in the case of transportation. At the same time, it has a sturdy steel frame, covered with bright cloth. There are several colors for your taste. The fabric is waterproof and has mesh inserts on the sides, so your pet can comfortably enjoy the views and has ample access to fresh air.

Also, two entrances are provided in the front and the back to make it more convenient for you to load and get your pooch out. Inside, the trailer is equipped with seat belts for the most impressionable and restless pets. Also, the floor is covered with anti-slip material, so that the dog can maintain its comfortable position even when braking and on rough roads.
Inside dimensions of the dog bike trainer/jogger are 26.77 L x 17.13 W x 20.08 H inches. The manufacturer guarantees that the device can withstand pets weighing up to 66 pounds, which corresponds to all small and medium breeds. The trailer set also includes reflectors and safety flag.

PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer For Dogs

This dog trailer model is made by the reputable PetSafe company and meets all safety and comfort requirements. Like the previous trailer, this item has a steel frame covered with a waterproof 600d polyester fabric. On the sides, the front, and the rear, it’s equipped with mesh inserts for 360-degree viewing. Also, manufacturers have added a sunroof entrance that can be left open for a better view. Besides this roof door, there is another zipper front entrance.

Inside, the trailer is equipped with seat leashes and a soft, machine-washable cushion; outside, there are plenty of pockets for storing all kinds of things.

The manufacturer offers two size options – medium and large. Both models weigh 25 pounds. But the medium cab has the dimensions of 26 in L x 17 in W x 20 in H and can withstand small and medium dogs up to 50 pounds. The large model is designed for large breeds weighing up to 110 pounds and measures 33 in L x 22 in W x 26 in H. Regardless of size, the trailers are very stable thanks to the enlarged wheels and their balanced arrangement. The wheels are easy to remove, and the trailer itself folds down for storage and transportation.

The PetSafe Solvit kit includes a standard hitch. For an additional fee, you can purchase strolling equipment for using the trailer in the jogger modification. The average cost of the medium item is $190; the large one costs $210.

Aosom Elite Pet Dog Bike Trailer

And finally, the third dog bike trailer of our review is Aosom Elite. It combines the best features of the two previous models while maintaining a quite reasonable price of $129.
The trailer measures 30.75 L x 21.75 W x 25.5 H inches and weighs 30.8 pounds. At the same time, its steel frame and the all-weather coating are designed for pooches weighing up to 88 pounds. The fabric itself protects your friend from any weather, including water and sunrays. Three color options are available. As always, from all sides, the trailer has mesh windows for the best view and ventilation. The dog parent can use any of the three doors – front, back, and top. The last entrance can be left open for the convenience of the dog.

The wide wheels and right balance of the trailer make it all-terrain, so you and your canine may travel not only on a smooth asphalt road but also on the ground or paving stones. The wheels are easy to remove, and the item is folded for storage. For an even more comfortable and safe journey, the trailer has a D-ring for connecting a safety leash. However, mind that the leash is not included. The manufacturer also provides a type A hitch and a safety flag.

Here they are, our favorites of 2020. In our opinion, these trailers combine the best functionality, safety, and price. You can find more info and reviews and buy them on Amazon. Enjoy your purchase and long trips in the company of your beloved canine!

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